A Tale of Two Estate Agents….

This is primarily a tale of two Estate Agents, let’s call them Estate Agent A and Estate Agent B. So, prior to lockdown my brother and his wife decided to buy their first house together. They currently rent the most beautiful duplex apartment. The building in which it is situated used to be an old school and it truly is a stunning property. The owner has now decided to put the property on the Market as he lives in Australia and had probably concluded that it has become a little bit of a hassle. The apartment was put on the market on the 6th July and was accompanied with what I can only describe as the most average write up ever but more importantly the worst pictures I have ever seen. They have managed to suck every last bit of charm and character out of the place and made this stunning apartment look awful. Two weeks after listing the property in what is currently a Boom Market, they have obviously told the vendor the lack of interest is due to the price, as on the 28th of July one of their “experts” has advised the vendor to drop the price of the property by over ten thousand pounds! Massively premature on their part and horrendously bad advice in our opinion. They are offering a virtual viewing and have not even thought to ask my brother and his wife if they would be happy to carry out socially distanced viewings (which they would). A Huge lack of communication. It’s still on the market and I can only think the poor vendor will get a call in the next week or so advising him to drop the asking price again (the thing is this time it would be the sensible thing to do following a decision by one of the major mortgage lenders, a decision I’m sure the others will follow). Anyway, Enough of Estate Agent A. Let us talk about Estate Agent B.

 My sister in law visited us on Wednesday and brought with her a letter from Estate Agent B that they had received in the post. She thought I might be interested in what the rest of the industry is up to. This letter was the standard fare, “we can see you haven’t sold, your house, a great house like yours should be sold, is your estate agent award-winning? We are experts in our field.”  The least personable letter you could ever read, more beige than beige. Use us because we are here basically. Maybe if they had an original thought in their heads or actually knew anything about their trade, they could have informed my brothers' landlord that HSBC had announced that they had increased the minimum deposits on flats and apartments to anything between 15% to 20% and the ramifications that this decision could have on their property, should all the other mortgage lenders decide to follow suit. Maybe mention that they had looked at the photography on the property listing and that their photographer was certain he could take better pictures? I don’t know, just show the occupier you had done some homework and are genuinely interested in them as a customer? All of this would, for me personally anyway, garner my attention and would probably at the very least have me calling Estate  Agent A asking them some difficult questions and guess what? Once my contract had expired with them I would be falling over myself to come on with Agent B. Just another example of these lazy estate agents taking the least line of resistance. Remember we can sell your house for £249 and we will value you as a customer all the way through the process. I will also personally guarantee our letters will never be more beige than beige.  #jointherevolution