Just Be Nice

Before We started Eazy Agent I was given some very simple advice from my mum, an incredibly successful businesswoman in her own right

"Just Be Nice"

As a business, we have decided to not only follow that advice but to actually make it our company ethos. In the past couple of weeks, we have started to advertise Eazy Agent via all the usual social media outlets. Yesterday we had an interview published by The Negotiator a very well respected online trade magazine. We had some incredible feedback from friends and family, which I think to be fair you would expect. However, it’s when a wider audience starts to comment that you realise that some people aren’t nice. I’m not saying they should be I am a massive believer in freedom of speech and our rights are being eroded on almost a daily basis. (but that is a subject for another day) some of the comments were humorous, some were critical and some were plain nasty.

Luckily I have thick skin, however, Stuart my business partner really took the negative comments/feedback to heart and rightly or wrongly decided to vent his frustrations by replying to the detractors. One of the chaps who had commented had got in a war of words with Stuart and to be honest other than a couple of barbed comments he had some good points. I Sent him an E-mail addressing his issues and I would like to think we parted as friends. I think we have to understand that some people may be making comments before they think or maybe they have just had a bad day? I think we all have to be just a little bit more understanding and “be nice