We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

It’s ironic really that the last blog was about just being nice. Yesterday was the darkest, toughest day for our little business since it started six weeks ago, this industry refuses to change or adapt to the twenty-first century. They are happy to utilise online marketing portals, online valuation tools and property data providers. Unfortunately, they do not want online agents competing with them, especially if that agent is innovative, fresh and starting to make waves in the press.

We are just 2 men trying to kick start a business that just wants to show that it doesn’t have to cost thousands of pounds to sell your home through an estate agent. People have been conditioned for so long that they just assume it has to cost a lot of money or the job isn’t being done properly. Estate Agents are doing everything they can to perpetuate this myth. Don’t be fooled, it’s like the story by Hans Christian Anderson “ The Emporers New Clothes “ Ask them what they will be doing for their fee. Get them to list what services will be covered by that fee. Then come to Eazy Agent and compare that list with our packages. I will guarantee they will not be a shadow on what we offer.

They are already trying to silence us, one of the big online marketing portals is receiving pressure from one of the big estate agency chains to have us removed from their portal, we are obviously fighting tooth and nail and have taken legal advice and are appealing that decision. I will unashamedly quote from one of my favourite movies from the 90’s  "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive". So to all the chinless members of the estate agents old boys club, we are up for the fight, come and get us!

I will still contend that being nice is the way forward, I have faith that it will eventually pay off, but in the words of Kenny Rogers "sometimes you have to fight to be a man"